Aspen House

(Previously Malala)

Aspis, the Aspen's Green name, means shield, which was one of the many traditional uses of its wood. The Aspen tree represents determination, vision and bravery.


Willow House

(Previously Attenborough)

The Willow tree represents hope, a sense of belonging, safety and the ability to be resilient and to grow strong. The image of the willow tree is a symbol of stability, hope and healing.


Hazel House

(Previously Rowling)

In ancient Roman times, it was a custom to donate hazel plants to bring happiness. The Hazel tree is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge and creativity.


Oak House

(Previously Ali)

Easily recognisable for it beautiful green leaves and tiny acorns, the Oak is treasured across the world as a symbol of wisdom and endurance. Oak trees are a symbol of strength, protection and courage.