The Joseph Rowntree School is ambitious and on a journey to become outstanding


Our aim is to inspire and prepare our students to become confident, resilient, tolerant, aspirational individuals who work hard to meet their goals in life and who actively contribute to the wider world. This aim underpins everything we do and helps students and staff to thrive and adopt a love of learning and teaching that moves beyond the classroom.

We are committed to being ‘The Right School to Grow in’ because we:


  • Respect all members of our community
  • Overcome obstacles to success
  • Work together collaboratively
  • Nurture talent
  • Teach and learn through inspiration
  • Recognise excellence
  • Embrace diversity
  • Encourage wellbeing


Our ethos and vision are at the heart of our work and we strive to realise these by modelling and promoting personal responsibility and appropriate behaviours based on courtesy and respect. We celebrate the principles of tolerance and inclusion and place great emphasis on developing relationships which engender confidence, pride and self-esteem.  


We identify potential barriers to the success of our students and staff and do all we can to remove those barriers. By fostering strong partnerships with families and the local community we promote learning and personal development. These partnerships are based on based on openness, empathy, mutual understanding and a desire to work together.


Our school provides a safe, healthy, stimulating and enjoyable learning environment in which all students and staff feel valued and grow in confidence to make the very best of their personal talents and skills.


We deliver a broad and balanced curriculum in an engaging manner which inspires students to realise their full potential and achieve the best possible outcomes. We implement systems that recognise and reward excellence and encourage all to strive to do their best.

Our school embraces and celebrates diversity in our local, national and global communities. The wellbeing of our school community is at the heart of our work. We give students and members of staff information, strategies and support that help them to look after and improve their own and others wellbeing.