DofE Award and Self Isolation

Students can carry on their award at home.

To do this, we have some quick tips based on some of the questions we have already received:

Participants can change their chosen activities in eDofE

All a participant needs to do is revert a section back to draft -> change their chosen activity -> submit their new activity for approval


Here are some different ideas that you can do ………


St John Ambulance has a great self-directed skill plan (

iDEA is a free award and platform centred around developing digital, enterprise and employability skills – This is a great skill section. (

Switching physical activities to something based at home may also be a good option – there are plenty of apps around that could help facilitate this e.g. Army Fit or the 100 press up challenge

For volunteering, consider something that can be based from home – keeping in touch with members of the community via social platforms, raising awareness for causes close to them or other ways to give their time to others without direct contact. Missing Maps is a great Volunteering opportunity that can be done online (

I have attached the suggested ideas sheets for further reference.


Mrs Vaughan


Duke of Edinburgh