Equipment and Potential Trips associated with each Course



Essential Resources/equipment (may include books)

Resources/ equipment that is not essential but would be beneficial

Planned Trips/activities with an indication of cost for 2017 -18


A1 Sketchbook & Plastic A1 folder Order through school total cost £10

Displays Boards order through school £5


2B drawing Pencil, Eraser & Sharpener

Watercolours, Gouache or Acrylic paints and brushes

Pastels and charcoal

Scissors and Glue Stick

Camera or device for taking photos


London Art and Graphics Trip - £130 optional

Art Photography

Camera (cost £130 to £350) advice will be given.

Portable Data Storage (memory bar etc)

Folder to store work bought in Oct(£9)



London Art and Graphics Trip - £130 optional

Biology –

Pens, pencils, ruler, scientific calculator, A4 file for storing notes and work with feedback (to bring to school for each lesson)


Highlighter pens, CGP revision guide (available in school @ £10)


Biology field trip approximately £20 (for transport and insurance) one day for carrying out practical fieldwork in the summer term (July).

BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Applied Science

Paper / pen / pencil to every lesson

Well organised file to store ongoing coursework


Scientific calculator

Lab Coat


York University – travel costs only

National Railway Museum – travel costs only

 Laboratory tour – travel costs

BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Sport

Revision guides (up to £10), Course textbook (up to £15), USB pen (can buy from LRC), football boots and/or trainers.

 BTEC T-shirt £16



Business Studies



A4 folder/A4 Lever arch file

A4 Colour dividers

'CGP AS and A level revision guides £5 - ordered through the department' – although these specify that they are for AQA, the content is pretty much the 

Possibly a business/economics trip to Disneyland Paris for a business conference - in Feb Half Term approx. cost £400


 Pens, pencils, ruler, scientific calculator, A4 file for storing notes and work with feedback (to bring to school for each lesson)

Revision guides for AS and A2 at £10.00 each. Available for purchase through the department.

 Lab Coat £25 


Drama and Theatre Studies

Pencils/Ruler/Colours/Hi-lighters/A4 file or folder

Practical clothing (loose fitting bottoms and comfortable top, trainers or barefoot)


Theatre trips to York Theatre Royal approx. cost £10. Minimum of 1 but will be invited to more.

London Trip in first term approx.. cost £200 

English Language


 2 x A4 Lever Arch Files– one for AS and one for the A-Level Course.

A set of coloured dividers – 10 tabs.

A pack of highlighters.

An A4 notebook/notepad.

A pack of Post-It Notes.

A copy of the Cambridge AS/A Level English Language for AQA (Student Book) by Marco Giovanelli. Copies can be purchased from the department at a reduced cost.


English Literature


2 x A4 Lever Arch Files – one for AS and one for the A-Level course.

A set of coloured dividers – 10 tabs.

Copies of the following set texts for AS and A-Level:

  • The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald.
  • Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller
  • King Lear, William Shakespeare.
  • The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini
  • The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood

A pack of highlighters.

An A4 notebook/notepad.

A pack of Post-It Notes.

A level revision / study guides for the set texts. 


Possibility of non-compulsory theatre trips up to £25 per trip depending on availability of suitable performances. 


Bi-lingual dictionary

Grammar reference book (purchased through MFL Department) 

Mot à Mot Fifth Edition: New Advanced French Vocabulary



A Scientific Calculator, Protractor and Compass

Students would benefit from a subscription to “The Week” magazine to assist with their wider reading and understanding of the subject.


Students are required to attend 2 days field work in Y12 at a total cost of around £40-£50.  In Y13 students are required to complete 2 days field work at a total cost of around £100


Spray Mount £5, A2 Poly Folder £3, Set of Coloured Pencils £4, Craft Knife £1, Sketch Book £4 and set of Paint Brushes £3.50



London Trip in February £130

Health and Social Care

Memory Stick

A4 Lever Arch File per Unit





 Yr 13 textbook on the Witchcraze approx. £12, optional, could be bought for the Nazi coursework.

Year 12 textbook for Units 1 and 2 (approx. £22). Optional, but recommended





Computer Networks (International Edition) By Andrew S. Tanenbaum

Build Your Own Computer: The Complete Step-by-step Manual to Constructing a PC That's Right for You by Kyle MacRae and Gary Marshall

Adobe Flash Professional CS6 Classroom in a Book (Classroom in a Book (Adobe) by Adobe Creative Team (Author)


Operating System Disk (Windows OS)

Utilities Software e.g. anti-virus, backup software etc

Application software disk (Office, video editing etc)

Practical experience on computer networking

Building computer system and software installation

Maths/Further Maths

Graphical Scientific Calculator (Casio Classwiz minimum)

Geometry Set Writing

Equipment A4 Ring Binder and Dividers.

A4 Pad and plastic wallets.

Casio FX9860GII Graphic Calculator due to the extended features or above, now all tests are calculator based.



Headphones, memory stick with large capacity storage, SD card

Digital camera with moving image capabilities - AS/A2




Music Technology

Good Quality Headphones (Music Tech)


 Individual Music lessons on your chosen instrument / voice are beneficial – available through the school or private teacher.

Prices vary depending on Time / individual or group lesson

Theatre Productions and Music Concerts through the Year from £5 to £20



32Gb memory stick - £3

A Level Sports T-shirt - £16 

Revision Book -£10



Scientific calculator

Course textbook recommended costing £10 for Year 1 and a further £10 in Year 2.

We will refund half at cost at end of year if books returned in good condition.

If you do not do Maths A level we also recommend a support book which costs £3.50.







Basic equipment including: Pen, Pencil, Ruler, Calculator, Lined Paper A4 ring binder folder

A hard copy of the text book for the course, approximately £25 (Digital copy supplied for free)

Revision guides - £15 Revision App - £6

What: Revision conference in London and/or in-house with senior examiners. When: March  Cost: Approximately £25-50 (depending on location)

Product Design (DT)

AQA Design & Technology Product Design (3D Design)

Published by Nelson Thornes.

ISBN 978 0 7487 8257 4

 Pens, pencils and coloured pencils for graphical presentation

A3 folder to carry work to or from school.

Marker pens.





Paper and pens for every lesson

Two A4 lever arch files and A4 colour dividers. 




"Sociology Themes and Perspectives AS and A2 student handbook (seventh edition)" by Haralambos and Holborn. The cheapest these can be found is on Amazon at a cost of £12.

A4 folder/A4 Lever arch file

A4 Colour dividers


The department run a trip to London in December for Yr13. This is usually at a cost of around £195 and includes travel, one night’s accommodation and a range of activities which support the students' learning in Sociology.


Sketchbooks (X2, one for each project)



Quick Unpick


Fine Liner

Thread (specific to theme)

Fabrics (specific to theme)

Fabric Scissors

Free machine Embroidery Foot

Mixed media specific to product

Knitting and Stitching Show (approx. £15)

London Art, Textiles and Graphics Trip - £130 optional