2021 Results

Mr Hewitt, Headteacher at Joseph Rowntree School commented on the excellent A level results achieved by students in the Sixth Form. “We are all absolutely delighted with the outcomes of students in the class of 2021.  Their commitment to their studies despite the obvious significant challenges that the period between March 2020 and now has really paid off.  We are incredibly proud of the achievements of our students this year as we know how difficult it has been for so many students and their families over the last 18 months. The class of 2021 have been a credit to the school, themselves and their families.”

Outstanding attainment was achieved across the full range of subjects offered, with the following students achieving multiple top grades.  Samuel Baskeyfield with A*A*A* in English Language, English Literature and Drama who will go on to Liverpool to read English Language and Communication. Mia Dale achieved A*A*A* in English Language, English Literature and Psychology, Mia goes on to Newcastle to read English Literature. Heidi Fletcher has obtained A*A*A* in Fine Art, Biology and History, Heidi is taking a gap year before heading to university in 2022. Rebecca Ingall achieved A*A*A* in English Literature, Sociology and Psychology and goes on to study Law at Manchester. Amira Knight has obtained A*A*A* in Biology, Psychology and Sociology and goes on to read Psychology at Manchester. Sophie Minni achieved A*A*Distinction* in Biology, Sociology and Health and Social Care and is heading to Manchester to study Child Nursing. Fynlay Whittaker achieved A*A*A* in Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics and will be going to Warwick to study Mathematics. Aedan Evans in year 14 completed his A level in Mathematics to an A* standard, which he adds to his A*A*A* outcomes in Biology, Chemistry and Physics from 2020, Aedan is going to study Chemical Engineering at Birmingham. Additionally, the following students also achieved multiple top grades across their subjects. A*A*A outcomes for Eve Hutton and Anna Lindberg-Newby, A*AA outcomes for Francesca Hume, Matthew Burchell, Callum Reeson, Isobel Mountain, Huw Croxen-John and Emile Wood-Saanaoui, Sam Gough achieved A*AAB having kept four A levels throughout the duration of his courses. The following students achieved AAA in three A levels; Bradley Bell, Olivia Crowley, Holly Davies and Penny Smith.

Mr Coleman, Director of Sixth Form added “We are delighted with the achievements of all of our students from the Class of 2021.  They have worked incredibly hard in lessons, engaged brilliantly with our remote learning and live lessons during lockdowns and self isolation and taken a really mature approach to their education throughout their time in Sixth Form.  We are especially proud of the way that these students have managed to not only perform so well academically but also maintain quality relationships with their peers, make great use of Google Classroom to support their progress whilst working at home and work in new ways to enable staff to teach, assess and provide feedback even when working from home.”

Everyone at Joseph Rowntree School wishes the Class of 2021 every success in their next steps.”


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