Black Blazer (with school badge)*

Optional Black V-necked jumper (with school badge)*

Joseph Rowntree School Tie (Dependent on House)*

BOYS & GIRLS - Plain Black Unmarked Tailored Trousers (not cropped, not jeans, not leggings or tight stretchy material, No decorative zips or buttons). Below are examples of appropriate tailored trousers

Below are examples of inappropriate trousers which end above the ankle or which are stretchy fabric.

GIRLS - Optional black (pleated) school skirt* instead of trousers. This should reach below the fingertips when the arms are held straight at the sides.
White shirts – (available from supermarkets) – that button at the collar (not fitted and not blouses).
Plain Black Socks that cover the ankle. Trainer style socks should not be worn and socks should not have patterns or embellishments such as lace.
Flesh coloured or Black Tights (no footless tights or leggings)

Black shoes (flat style, NOT trainers, not boots, not plimsolls/pumps). All shoes must be free of branding and have plain black laces. Please note, shoes which are trainer or pump style, are not allowed. Below are examples of appropriate shoes.


Below are examples of inappropriate shoes





Black school polo shirt*

Black Polo Shirt*

Reversible Rugby Top*. Optional black base layer.

Black Top*

Black football or rugby socks

Black Socks*

Black Shorts with logo*

Black Shorts with logo*

White socks for athletics

White socks for athletics



Football boots

Football Boots

Shin Pads

Shin Pads

Gum Shield

Gum Shield


Items marked * must be obtained from GET BRANDED - our new school uniform supplier. They are based at Green Lane, Clifton.

Tel: 0800 1244 133


Black pen, green pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, calculator, dictionary, student planner, reading book (essential for Years 7, 8 and 9 recommended for other years). Suitable bag for carrying books and A4 folders and Separate bag for games equipment (e.g. plastic carrier bag)


Students are allowed to wear a watch (smart watches are to be used only at break and lunch, as with mobile phones, and should be kept in lockers), one discreet ring  and one earring per earlobe – small stud only. These must be removed for PE. There should be no nose jewellery or any other piercings: Plastic and clear piercings or retainers are not allowed. Students are not permitted to wear necklaces and bracelets/bands (other than for faith reasons), however, students are allowed to wear one charity band.


Make-up should be kept to a minimum and not be obvious. Any student wearing an unacceptable level of make-up will be asked to remove it. Nails must be of a natural colour. False and / or acrylic nails are not allowed. Nails which do not meet with policy will need to be cut/removed and have nail varnish removed. False eyelashes are not to be worn.


Hairstyles must not reflect extremes of fashion. Natural hair colours only are permitted. Extreme shaved hairstyles and any markings are also not permitted.


If parents or students are unsure in any way whether or not something will be suitable for the Joseph Rowntree school uniform they can send it into school and their Pastoral Year Manager / Progress Leader will be able to clarify prior to any labels being removed and therefore not wasting any money. School trousers should be worn at an appropriate length at least below the ankle to avoid the cropped look and these should be worn with plain black socks ensuring that no ankle is visible. Black pumps and/or trainers do not meet with our uniform requirements and formal black leather shoes should be worn. Makes such as VANS, Adidas, Hugo Boss, Nike, Converse, Kickers and other sports brands are not permitted. Again, where there is any confusion parents should send the items into school and allow the Pastoral Year Manager / Progress Leader to inform them as to their appropriateness prior to any money being wasted.