New Grade Descriptors -

To help parents better understand the new 9-1 criteria that has been implemented from year 7-11, we have put together some indicative content of the skills that are demonstrated in each grade. This should help to give better clarity about what your child is achieving and how they can be better supported at home. If you have any specific concerns about your child’s report, and the academic content, then please contact one of the following staff:


Ms R. Clarke, Assistant Head for KS3: [email protected]

Miss S Richardson, Assistant Head for KS4: [email protected]


Important Note-

These criteria are general indicative content and have been published to better clarify some of the skills that may be demonstrated within a particular range. However, not all subjects use these criteria as assessment criteria, for example Maths and Science. In addition to this, not all assessments will assess all of these skills at the same time but they will be covered over the course of the year. Therefore, this indicative content can only been seen as a general guide to better support Parents’ understanding of the sorts of skills that their child is currently demonstrating and those they should be aiming for.