25 March 2019

On March 12th we attended the Yorkshire Regional Final Panathlon Challenge. It was a fantastic day held at Fulford School. Our school showed amazing team spirit and encouragement towards other members of the Joseph Rowntree team and to other schools when taking part in their events. Even though our team was short of numbers it meant that the students needed to compete in multiple games at the same time or even compete in games that they would not normally play. Our students were fantastic, they were very understanding, and their morale and team spirit was still at a high. They really gave 100% in every game and turn they had.

In a very intense game of Boccia it came down to a deciding throw and Cameron Lee unfortunately missed out on the point by millimetres but kept his head high and congratulated the other team for a great game. The new age kurling was also intense where it came down to a deciding push. When Izzy Walker was asked “where are you going to put the stone” she replied, “straight down the middle”. When Izzy pushed the stone, it landed exactly where she said it was going to the centre circle. This push gave Joseph Rowntree the point and therefore winning the game.

  At the end of the day the results came in and Joseph Rowntree placed 3rd. The whole team of students and staff were all pleased and very delighted. This means that we are 3rd in the whole of the Yorkshire region. The winning team were Calderdale and we wish them luck in future competitions.

  Sadly, this was Cameron Lee’s final Panathlon. We all would like to say a massive thank you to Cameron, who has been amazing taking part in all Panathlon competitions for the past 5 years. 

- Miss Wakelam