13 March 2019

Joseph Rowntree School takes the safety of its pupils very seriously. Following posts which appeared overnight on social media the school worked with the police to ensure that they had a presence at the school first thing this morning to reassure parents and students. 

We can assure the local community that the school is open, our students are safe and we continue to work with the police to ensure that that all potential threats are looked into fully in the appropriate way.

Maxine Squire, Assistant Director, Education and Skills: 

“We would like to reassure parents and pupils that the threats made on social media about Joseph Rowntree school have been looked into thoroughly. The safety of pupils and staff is a priority and we are working with the school and police to provide ongoing support.”

Statement from North Yorkshire Police: 

Just to confirm that the police incident has concluded at Joseph Rowntree School in York and school has returned to normal daily business.

To reassure parents following a number of rumours on social media, there was no-one with a gun or any other weapon and no-one has been injured.

At around 9.30am today (13 March 2019) the police took a teenage boy into custody after they received information that threats had been on social media.

We realise the sight of police officers at the school caused concern. However we hope parents are reassured that we take all such allegations seriously and worked with the school to minimise disruption and ensure the safety of all pupils.

There will be a full investigation into the allegations to determine who was responsible. In the meantime, we ask people not to speculate on social media and allow the investigation to take its course.

Thank you.