6 July 2018

Year 8 have been developing the school garden to support pollinator species. Students studied different strategies for improving pollinator populations such as building insect hotels, introducing flowering plants and reducing the use of pesticide chemicals. We then purchased all the materials using a generous grant provided by Polli:Nation, a heritage lottery funded biodiversity and education project. On project day everyone worked exceptionally hard throughout by pulling up weeds and planting shrubbery to attract the bees.

The creativity and enthusiasm students had for the project was exceptional throughout and the impact on the garden was immense! We would also like to say a massive thank you to our guests who gave great advice and support throughout the project. Emma Hawthorne, from OASES - Outdoor and Sustainability Education Specialists. John, Alfie and Mr. Mulholland from Headlands Primary School and Mrs. Collins from Ralph Butterfield Primary School.  

- Mr Hutchinson

Polli:Nation Project