8 February 2018

We are pleased to announce that Barry Cornforth who works in the Wiltshire cluster has won the Minster FM Teacher of the Year award. The Award is part of their Local Hero Awards that are held every year. 

Headteacher Richard Crane, welcomed the award saying "I’m so pleased that Barry has been recognised for the amazing work that he and the team in Wiltshire do for the students. Whether it’s working in lessons to help the students to achieve their potential or the work that Barry and the staff in Wiltshire do with the students in extracurricular activities, he is an inspiration to us all. 

Barry is very humble and I know that all this attention will embarrass him greatly, but it’s going to be a wonderful and well deserved moment when he collects his award, both for him and the whole team, who give their all to the students. Well done Barry!".