31 January 2017


As part of our ongoing development of the school’s systems we are moving to a biometric method for the purchasing of food in the school.  Biometrics will make the process of paying for food quicker and easier, easing queues and taking away the cost of maintaining a card-based system.  In addition the system will fully integrate with ParentPay to allow parent/carers to see in real-time what children are purchasing on a daily basis.

What Are Biometrics?

Biometrics authentication is the automatic recognition of a living being using a suitable and unique body characteristic. By measuring an individual's relevant feature (in our case a finger image) and comparing this data with stored biometric reference data, the identity of a specific user is determined. 

Biometrics and Security

Students, parents and staff can rest assured that the fingerprint images cannot be used by any other source for identification purposes. The system uses an image of the finger to create a mathematical algorithm and then discards the finger image; only the numbers remain and these cannot be reinterpreted back into a finger image.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need to take my child’s finger image?

By taking an image of your child’s finger we can turn this information into a digital signature.

Can finger images be used by any other agency?

No, the software we use turns your child’s finger image into a mathematical algorithm. The image of the finger is then discarded. The information that is stored cannot be used to recreate an image of the child’s finger.

What happens when my child leaves the School?

When a student leaves school all biometric data will be deleted – this is very easy for us to do within the system provided.

How does it work?

When the child places his/her finger on the scanner, the software matches their finger image with the unique digital signature held in the database.

Under the current requirements for taking and using this data, individuals have to ‘Opt-In’ to allow them to be registered and then to use the system. Therefore we will need you to complete the form below and return it to the School Office as quickly as possible – registration on the system will take place during the week commencing the 13th February.  If we do not receive a signed ‘Opt-In’ form then we will not be able to register your child on the new system.

The software system also interacts with ParentPay to allow you to see everything that your child is paying for each day by allowing you to view details of the monies put on the system and how it is being spent.