24 January 2019

Year 9 Options Process.

The options process for all year 9 students begins this term.  This is a very important point in our students’ careers at the Joseph Rowntree School, and will inform what subjects are studied at Key Stage 4.  Over the next few weeks there are a number of key events and deadlines for you to be aware of which are explained below:

Tuesday 22nd January

All year 9 students will be given an Options booklet which explains in detail the course content for all subjects and courses that are offered in Key Stage 4.  This will be followed up by an assembly where the full options process will be explained.  It is important that the options chosen are suitable for each individual student.  In order to help with this, students will receive a 2nd report which will indicate to them, based on their progress and achievement currently, which subjects would be the most suitable to continue with at Key Stage 4.  You will be given this report on the Options evening on Thursday 24th.

Thursday 24th January

On the evening of Thursday 24th January all information will be presented to parents / carers so that you are also fully aware of all the options and the requirements of each subject.  The evening will start at 6pm with a presentation in the Vaudeville Theatre following which there will be the opportunity to speak to heads of all subjects in the hub and street.   This is a very important event and we would recommend that your child accompanies you to this evening.

Following on from this, every student will have an interview with a member of senior staff to assist them in selecting the most appropriate choices for them to be successful.  If you wish to be present at this meeting or meet with a member of the senior staff to discuss the completed form please do not hesitate to contact the school. The final deadline to return completed option forms will be Monday 18th February.  

You will be aware that the calendared Parents Evening has been replaced by the Options Evening.  A full year 9 Parents Evening will be re-scheduled for June, giving you opportunity to discuss in more detail with teaching staff your child’s progress and achievement at a point closer to the conclusion of Key Stage 3.  I will write to inform you of this in due course. 

I look forward to welcoming you to the Options Evening on Thursday 24th January at 6pm.  If you have any questions before this date, please do not hesitate to contact either myself or your child’s House Progress Leader.

Mrs R Clarke