What support is offered at Joseph Rowntree School?

The support we offer at Joseph Rowntree is provided in three waves-depending on the level of need.

Wave One intervention takes place within the classroom itself. Students who require a little extra support will receive this in the form of extra scaffolding and coaching within the classroom.  Each of our classrooms is equipped with a literacy kit, full of resources to help students who need it. Staff training and CPD has focused on improving the impact of this across the curriculum.

Wave Two intervention consists of extra Literacy lessons. These lessons are provided by an English Teacher or a member of the learning support team. These lessons take the same topic as students are studying in English that half term and provide extra opportunities to practise and develop literacy skills such as comprehension, inference, deduction, spelling and many more. These lessons are often timetabled in the Learning Resource Centre, allowing the students access to software such as Lexia- which is designed to improve students ability to spell and read unfamiliar words. Occasionally, students require more support in these lessons and those students are allocated a Teaching Assistant who works closely with them to ensure that they are meeting their personal targets.

Wave Three intervention takes place in the Learning Support Centre, where students work one to one or in small groups with a member of the learning support team. Often this is centred around synthetic phonics and follows a process set out by Catch-up Literacy. In addition to this, the school runs a lunchtime handwriting club and a morning reading intervention with those whose reading age is lower than their peers.