How am I identified? Identifying Key Students

Here at Joseph Rowntree we use different ways of assessing which students need extra support in terms of their Literacy and Numeracy and also those who need to be stretched.

Before our students arrive at Joseph Rowntree School they will have been visited in their Primary by one of our learning support team. From the start of the Summer Term all of our Cluster Primaries are visited and we collect all the information that needs to be handed over by their primary school. We pay particular attention to those who have received support in the past and those who are below a level 4 in their core subjects.

Once our students arrive at school they will be tested using CAT tests and those who were identified by primaries, or have a low level in English/Maths will automatically receive extra testing. This extra testing, provided by New Group, generates base line data that determines the type of intervention that they will receive and whether they will be placed in a Literacy support group.

As well as the Primary observations and Testing, English teachers also monitor our year 7 students in their early English lessons and are vigilant to any other needs that may arise.

All of this information is then amalgamated by our learning support team and each student who has been flagged up as needing support has an intervention plan put into place. Their progress is then checked during a review meeting at the end of that term.