Sociology is the study of human society, why it works in the way it does and how we can make sense of the world around us. 

Sociology is a social science – it has theories, research methods and a body of knowledge that combine together to try and explain human behaviour, how society operates the way it does and why society changes.

AS COMPONENT 1 has 3 parts.

Socialisation, culture and identity

During this unit you will be familiarised with many of the main concepts in sociology such as culture, socialisation and status. You will also begin to look at how different sociological theories explain society.

Families and households

In studying the family we examine why the family continues to be an important institution in modern society, how the family is changing and who has power in families in Britain today.


During this unit you will examine the education system and explore a number of key issues, such as how the education system benefits society, whether everyone has an equal chance of success and how our education system has developed to meet the changing needs of society.


Methods of sociological enquiry

In this unit we examine how sociologists research society and evaluate the methods they use.


To complete the A level, examinations for components 1 and 2 must be completed along with the component 3 examination on two topics.

Social differentiation 

This unit involves examination of inequality in our society in terms of gender, age class and ethnicity.  We examine how these things may impact upon life chances and how sociological theories explain the continuing inequalities in Britain today.

Crime and Deviance

The study of crime is crucial to an understanding of power within society. In this unit we examine key issues such as how laws are created, which social groups commit most crime and why, and how different sociological theories have explained crime


AS component 1 and 2 examinations are taken at the end of the AS year. All 3 components are taken at the end of the two year A level course.


 An A level in Sociology is a start towards a career in areas such as teaching, nursing, social work, business, the legal profession and the armed forces; in fact any profession where you have to deal with people and consider their backgrounds. Sociology combines well with many subjects such as Psychology, English, Media Studies and History and offers excellent progression to university.


It is not necessary to have done Sociology at GCSE to successfully complete an AS and A level course.  We regularly have candidates who have never studied Sociology before the Sixth Form who deliver excellent results.  You will need at least a Grade C in GCSE English Language.  You need to be interested in people, be happy to watch documentaries and read the occasional newspaper in order to be aware of what is happening in society at the time, be ready to question and challenge the ideas and theories you hear and be willing to consider attitudes and ideas that may be different to yours.

If you would like any further information, please see Ms Wiseman.