What an amazing first week back for Key Stage 3!

Admittedly, only 2 full days of lessons so far, but a full week for all the teachers!!

It has been brilliant seeing all 3 year groups arrive at the school, and get settled in so quickly to the start of the new academic year.


On Wednesday morning we welcomed in all of the new year 7 students, in the traditional Joseph Rowntree way.  Every student in year 7 on the first day, enters our amazing hub and is welcomed by clapping from all the staff in the school! What a way to start your time at secondary school!

They all looked fantastic in their new school uniforms and new ties! A few nervous smiles but we soon got everybody sorted and into the Vaudeville Theatre for the first assembly with Mr Crane and Mrs Clarke! It was then a full day of timetables, planners, fingerprinting (big rush here to make sure everybody was ready to buy food at breaktime!) and the first school photo!!


Meanwhile, year 8 and 9 arrived just after 11am,  and the school was buzzing with talk of holidays, classes, new timetables.  Everybody was raring to go.

Thursday and Friday were our first full days of lessons.  Lots of new teachers and classes for year 8 and 9, and year 7 really got to grips with the plan of the school and finding their way around.  There has already been some amazing work in lessons, and all of key stage 3 have shown how respectful and courteous they are as they are moving through our fantastic school building to lessons.


And the best thing for me?  That has to be saying hello to all of our students and finding out about their summer holiday, meeting all the new classes I have the pleasure of working with this year, and of course, learning the names of all of our year 7 students; though I believe Mr Day and some of the other House Progress Leaders have already got every name sorted and remembered.  I must get back to work!

Posted by Joseph Rowntree School on 11 September 2018

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