Thursday 2nd March saw World Book day being celebrated by our KS3 year groups here in school. As you can see, many of our staff arrived for work that day dressed as a character from a favourite book! There were lots of activities throughout the day in lessons linked to world book day, from coding investigations in Maths,  Book compositions in Music and key writers in Art,  every subject had a link to World Book Day!!  Of course the English department surpassed themselves with lessons full of activities linked to World Book Day! 

During the day we all were prepared for the 'Stop. Drop. Read!' announcement over the school PA system, when everybody stopped what they were doing and read their chosen book for the day.   This happened 3 times in our classes on Thursday.

 The library was fit to bursting at break and lunch time too, with lots of students taking out books and taking part in activities with our excellent team of student librarians who work hard throughout the year!! Our library has also just been updated with some fabulous new books that are available for everyone loan.

Of course everyone also received their book token for use at a book shop to buy one of the designated World book day books, or to contribute towards purchasing a book of choice.  What will you be buying???

Posted by Joseph Rowntree School on 3 March 2017

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