19 January 2017

Happy New Year! January is a time to look back on the first term of the academic year and what has gone well and what we could improve even more.  Lots of people also set fresh targets or New Year’s resolutions for the year ahead.  In Key Stage 3 assemblies during our first full week back in 2017 we also introduced a new scheme called the Pupil Promise.

All of our students in Key Stage 3 were asked to think about these 10 points and how many of them they could say they have taken part in so far in Key Stage 3.   We then looked at which ones they could improve upon or add to in the months ahead up to the end of our school year. In June, all students will be able to apply for either the Bronze, Silver or Gold Award in our Pupil Promises. To achieve a Bronze a student must be able to prove they have been involved in 6 of the promises, Silver is 8 and Gold is 10.

Some of the Promises are straight forward and easy to complete, others need a bit more thinking about.  The International experience for example, does not necessarily mean you have to travel abroad, there are many other ways of taking part in an international event or experience.

Many students in Key Stage 3 already participate in so many of these promises, we are quite excited about how many Bronze, Silver and indeed Gold Awards we may be able to present in July!

The Pupil Promise

Take part in a School Residential Visit

Attend or help to organise a Social or Cultural Event

Be involved in an International Experience

Take part in one of our Extra Curricular Activities

Take part in a Holiday Club

Take part in a Community Experience

Be involved in a School Concert or School Production

Take part in a Fundraising Event

Develop a Hobby

Be a School Ambassador

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