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Who is our SENCo / Head of Inclusion?

A SENCo is a teacher who coordinates provision for children and young people with SEND. 

Our SENCo is Mrs A Jones

She can be contacted on: 01904 552144 or 

Who is our Assistant Head of Inclusion? 



Miss Lee is responsible for organising provision for children / young people with medical needs. Miss Lee also oversees the school's Enhanced Resource Provision for autism (Wiltshire). 

More information about the ERP can be found below.

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How does The Joseph Rowntree School support students with SEND?



What information do we use to identify SEND?

Students joining the school in Year 7 complete a Cognitive Analytical Test (CATS) to help the school to understand their method of learning.

The school also uses relevant academic data from your child’s primary school to create a full picture of their strengths and needs.

The school also refers to any relevant documentation and reports from other professionals, including Educational Psychologists, Occupational Therapists or Specialist Teachers to understand the needs of your child.


How does the School assess and review the progress of students with SEND?

The school uses internal academic tracking systems to show students’ progress. The school

generates target grades which are set using a triangulated method including academic data gathered from primary school (where possible), baseline assessments completed within school and a completion of a cognitive analytical test (CATS).

All teachers have a responsibility to support students to make progress towards their targets. If there are concerns regarding a student’s progress then teachers should inform their Head of Department, Assistant Headteacher’s and SENCo/Head of Inclusion (where appropriate).


How does the School consider if my child requires additional support in exams and formal assessments?

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How is support for students with identified SEND facilitated within our pastoral teams?




Information about the local SEND offer can be found on the following link.


SEND Documents



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