The Joseph Rowntree School

Dress Code



  • We encourage all members of the Sixth Form community to be comfortable and dressed sensibly for school
  • Our dress code is gender neutral and promotes religious and ethnic equality
  • We encourage self-expression of personal identity as is appropriate in an educational environment 
  • We will consult with the Sixth Form council and individuals to come to a mutually acceptable resolution on necessary amendments
  • We would like to promote ecological sustainability in clothing choice and reuse


What we would promote in clothing 

  • Sensible comfortable footwear which allows safe mobility to and from school and within the building
  • Tops should be significantly closer to the waistline rather than significantly above and should not be completely strapless
  • Shorts, dresses and skirts should be significantly closer to the mid-thigh than the top of the leg 


What should not be worn at school 

  • Hats unless for approved medical reasons or religious observance
  • Clothes which could be classified as predominantly beachwear
  • Slogans which could cause understandable offence
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